Benton's Greenhouse History

farren and maxineIn 1946, Farren and Maxine Benton started Benton's Greenhouse.  They began with strawberry gardens.  With the love of flowers, determination, and hard work, they began building greenhouses.

They grew tomatoes for Dillon's and a wide range of bedding plants for our retail store.

In 1976, Farren and Maxine started greenhouses in Newton at 2311 Edgemore.  We are open in Newton every Spring and Fall in addition to Benton's year-round hours at our Hutchinson location.

Most recently, 2015 saw a new chapter in Benton's Greenhouse history when Jennifer Gronau, longtime Benton's employee, and her husband assumed ownership of both Benton's Greenhouse locations. Jennifer espouses the Benton family greenhouse love and dedication to superior plants and hopes nurture growing gardens and gardeners for year to come.


We specialize in zonal geraniums, perfecting the plant and growing only the varieties for the best blooming habit and performance for this area.  We are proud to say we grow some of the best geraniums around and are well known for them across the state.  We have 60+ varieties for spring, growing 30,000 to 50,000.

We also grow a large variety of annuals and perennials.  We carry Jackson & Perkins rose bushes and Monrovia shrubs.

Our services include custom planting of any container - yours or ours.  We carry a wide assortment of containers.

We are well known for carrying unusual and unique varieties for the patio, garden and inside the house. These are plants that you will not find just anywhere.

We have the largest selection and variety of florist quality house plants in the area. With shipping every week, we are usually able to find what our customers want.